Polar RC3 GPS Bike Heart Rate Monitor - $349.95

Ride like the wind and reap the most reward, with the Polar RC3 GPS Bike Heart Rate Monitor, which will help you plan your route and even direct you back to where you started if your sense of direction isn't as strong as your pedal-pumping quads. The watch unit receives and processes data from both the H3 strap so you can keep track of your heart rate and ideal target zones, and the CS Cadence sensor that reports on speed, distance, and cadence. Then you can hook the RC3 to your computer and watch in full delight your skyrocketing progress. ZoneOptimizer finds the exact training effect you seek by adjusting five heart rate training zones to your current physiological condition Training Benefit gives instant feedback following a workout, for immediate satisfaction and motivation SportZones allows you to select and monitor your workout intensity Back to Start shows you on the display how to return Integrated GPS with route mapping helps you plan your ride so you always get the workout you want Includes CS Cadence WIND sensor that attaches to your bike to measure speed, distance, and cadence New H3 soft textile strap has the sensors embedded in the fabric for a better fit and more comfortable feel Watch features include time of day with alarm and snooze, dual time zone, date and weekday indicator, stopwatch, reminders, backlight, and low-battery indicator Rechargeable battery goes for 12 hours of continuous use with GPS on, or 11 days when training one hour per day with GPS Water-resistant against splashes, rain, and sweat; not suitable for swimming USB cable lets you transfer all your data and progress to your PC or Mac Also compatible with Polar WIND running sensors (sold separately) - $349.95