Polar Men's FT60 Heart-Rate Monitor Watch - Black - $239.99

Exercise too hard and youll overtrain and quit before you reach your goal, but make it too easy and youll never get there either. The Polar FT60 Heart-Rate Monitor Watch solves this problem by checking your daily conditioning and then guides you to the ideal training level. Polar Star personalized training program adapts to your workout habits by giving you weekly training targets and providing constant feedback its like having your own personal trainer. Polar OwnCal shows your energy expenditure as well as your accumulated calories burned over several exercise sessions. Displays heart rate as beats per minute and as a percentage of the maximum heart rate. Visible and audible alarm informs you every time your heart rate exceeds the upper limit or falls below your target zone. Time-in-target-zone feature calculates the amount of total training time spent in your personal target zone so youll have a challenge day after day. Alarm with snooze and stopwatch. Water-resistant to 30 meters. Case diameter: 38mm. Color: Black. Color: Black. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. - $239.99