Point6 Contender Extra Light 3/4 Crew Bike Sock - $16.95

Tall sock cuffs work to both stabilize your lower legs and provide more coverage from the elements compared to shorter designs. Besides that, it gives sock maker Point6 some added real estate for showing a flash of color on its Contender design. Point6 constructs all of its merino wool socks using a compact spinning process. While most wool socks use a ring spinning technique that creates loose ends of fiber protruding from the yarn, Point6's socks use a compact spinning process that draws the loose fibers inside of the yarn. The result is a longer and smoother overall yarn surface that's also more durable, as the loose, fuzzy fibers and pilling effect that plagues many other socks is eliminated. Furthering the durability aspect, Point6 reinforces the 'wear areas' of its socks with nylon blends that help anchor the wool. These reinforced areas (think heel and toe zones) act as protective layers by resisting abrasion that would normally break down the wool during normal use. The Point6 Contender Socks were built with extra light cushioning under the foot area for exceptional comfort and breathability while worn inside of cycling shoes. The 3/4 crew socks incorporate Point6's tall 5-inch cross-stretch cuff for increased coverage compared to standard length cuffs. These slightly compressive cuffs and non-binding welt tops smoothly wrap your lower legs, providing you with maximum support up top. The Point6 Contender Extra Light 3/4 Crew Socks are available in sizes Small to X-Large and in the color Black/leaf. - $16.95