Point 65 XO 13 Kayak with Skeg - $1,099.00

With a design first conceived in composites, the Point 65N XO 13 kayak with skeg will seduce you with its smooth looks and high performance. Guaranteed to please paddlers of all abilities, the 13 ft. hull is stable and easy to keep moving in a straight line. XO 13 comes equipped with a retractable skeg that reduces the tendency of the kayak to weathercock in strong winds, even if Mother Nature is less than content. 2 watertight storage compartments fore and aft offer an ideal amount of space for day trips and overnights. Contoured bulkheads under the deck store bulky items easily. Reflective, stretchy deck rigging stores items that might be too large to put under a hatch or too essential to have out of instant reach. Comfortable, adjustable backrest, cushy thigh braces and adjustable footrests help you feel at home within the confines of the cockpit. Use the toggled carry handles and the padded carry grip on the cockpit to get the 50 lb. Point 65N XO 13 kayak to the water. - $1,099.00