POC Index Air Glove - $44.95

For folks who appreciate simple, minimalist gear, POC Index Air Gloves are the ticket. Index Airs aren't flashy. They aren't covered in patches, plastic, stripes, or scratchy anything. For these, POC creates a soft cuff with a spandex-covered hem and an elastic gusset panel to keep it fitted at your wrist. They're light enough for XC use if you just prefer the added safety of long fingers, yet they feel sturdy enough for dirt jumping, street riding, and multi-day adventures in the high mountains.The Index Air gloves cover the back of your hand with a durable yet light and breathable nylon mesh, while the palm is made of perforated synthetic suede. It's textured to offer a supreme grip on your bars. It's also quite sensitive, so you'll be able to snap off exact shifts just when you need them. POC also added silicone grippers on your braking fingers so you don't slip off the levers while you're braking hard. Honestly, the best part of these gloves is what POC wisely chose to leave off. The lack of a closure means that these lightweight but sturdy gloves will never gouge your face when you wipe your brow or nose. Ask any old-timerfewer features mean fewer features to break.The POC Index Air Gloves are available in Green, Grey, and Black and come in sizes XS through XL. - $44.95