Plot Saver 1-Acre Starter Kit - $49.99

Plot Saver keeps deer temporarily out of your food plots so plants can develop to maturity. And it does it for a fraction of the cost of high-fence systems and without the danger of an electric fence. Place stakes around the area you want to protect, stretch the 3/4 Plot Saver Ribbon around the perimeter and spray the ribbon with Plot Saver deer-repellent formula. Each application is effective for three to four weeks in any weather, and there's enough repellent included to keep deer away for 100 days. The braided Plot Saver Ribbon is an absorbent poly-tape that has a life of approximately six years. The kit includes: an 840-foot spool of Plot Saver Ribbon (enough for one acre) and a 16-ounce bottle of Plot Saver Concentrate. - $49.99