Platypus Big Zip SL 3.0L Reservoir - 100 fl. oz. - $25.93

Easy-to-clean and easy-to-fill, Platypus introduces its new widemouthed Big Zip SL reservoir. Lightweight, puncture-resistant, three-ply plastic laminate is lined with food-grade polyethylene that won't flavor your water with a plastic taste. Durable welded construction lets you boil, freeze, inflate and collapse the bag over and over again. Reservoir is lined with SlimeGuard(TM), an antimicrobial treatment that keeps water fresh and taste free. New SlideLock with secondary reinforcement ensures a secure and easy closure every time. Drinking tube assembly includes HyperFlow(TM) bite valve, providing one of the highest flow rates on the market. Quick-connect hose allows easy removal of reservoir from pack without rerouting tube. Taste-free tube won't affect the flavor of your water. Ergonomic shutoff valve is angled 90deg for no-hassle hydration. - $25.93