Plano AW All-Weather Bow Case - $99.88

Maximum all-weather protection, priced right! By the time your bow is set up to your satisfaction, you've made a major investment. Guard it with a case that guarantees total bow protection. Patented PillarLock protection supports the center of the case, directly above and below your perfectly tuned sight and rest. A rubber gasket seals the case from dust, rain and snow. The lid has elastomer arrow keepers for 12 carbon or aluminum arrows. Made of impact-resistant resin with a thick, high-density foam lining. Multiple-position tie-downs secure nearly all traditional and parallel-limb compound bows up to 43" axle-to-axle. Dimensions: 48"L x 21"W x 7-1/2"H. Type: Bow Cases. - $99.88