Planet Earth Prism Hoodie Blue Jewel - $20.95

The Women's Planet Earth Prism Hoodie is an effective hoodie that will keep you warm no matter the circumstances outdoors. Its soft fleece material is ideal for those chilly workout mornings. It was built with the perfect combination of organic warm cotton, and recyclable virgin poly yarn for improved comfort and durability. The eco-friendly inks used on the hoodie are excellent to show your personality. In short, the Earth Prism Hoodie is great for ladies who want solid winter protection, and versatile features.Key Features of the Planet Earth Prism Hoodie:Modern sweatshirt fleece hoodie with Planet Earth graphic print 60% Organic Cotton Yarn blended with 40% Recyclable Virgin Poly Yarn. All embellished with Eco-Friendly inks and embellishments. - $20.95