Piranha Mindtrick 24 Bike Blue/Silver 15" - $194.99

The Piranha Mindtrick 24 Bike is one you need to get on and get busy riding until you just can't ride anymore. This sleek, lightweight bike comes with 21 speeds all begging you to test them out everywhere you go, and 24 inch tires meant to keep their traction in every condition you encounter, from potholes in city streets to rocks, dirt, and mountains you can't help jumping over. The Piranha Mindtrick 24 Bike is built with riders in mind, no matter where they choose to ride.Key Features of the Piranha Mindtrick 24 Bike: anatomic "supper padded" seat 60mm suspension travel fork quick release seat post sloping frame super soft rubber grips 18 speed indexed shifters wheels: 24" 18 Speed Bike - $194.99