Pinarello FP Quattro/SRAM Force/Rival Complete Bike - 2012 - $2,899.00

Language is a funny thing. The Anglophone cycling world now talks about having "good sensations" in their legs when they're feeling strong. It comes from a literal translation of Spanish we've read in countless race reports, though the Spaniards are merely saying they have good legs. This brings us to why this is the Pinarello FP Quattro/SRAM Force/Rival Complete Bikerather than the FP4. One way to read the number four (4 rather than four) aloud in Japanese is to make a sound that a listener could mistake for the word meaning "death." Americans might like the idea of riding a death bike, but it doesn't work in all cultures. Kill the legs of rivals, of that wheelsucker who has been hiding in your draft without asking, and so on. Get a grim reaper image somewhere on the bike and those who ride behind will know what they're in for; the pain cave followed by the sickle.The Quattro is a bike that can kill. It's a direct relative of the Pinarello Paris; it comes out of the same molds, literally. It means you get the same asymmetries that make the Paris what it is. It means you get the same race-proven geometry that balances stability with agility, stiffness with shock absorption, and you get the same internal cable routing. The Quattro even shares the FPK1 Onda fork with the 1-1/8" to 1.5" tapered steerer tube that the Paris sports. The frame rides a lot like the fancier sibling above it with one key difference; the slightly heavier, more affordable, carbon-fiber cloth means it's not quite as refined as the Paris. It's a touch heavier as well. In carbon-speak, the stuff is 30-ton high-modulus carbon-fiber with a 12k weave.This bike comes built with a mix of SRAM Force and Rival components along with Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels, and a selection of MOst components. MOst is Pinarello's house brand, which means that you get components finished to look like they were custom-painted along with the frame -- very pro. - $2,899.00