Pinarello FP Due / SRAM Rival Complete Bike - 2012 - $2,199.00

Unless you plan on shooting directly to the top of the roost with the Pinarello Dogma, there are precious few ways to get yourself into legendary Pinarello ride quality and frame design. Unless, of course, you plan to start with this FP Due with a smart SRAM Rival build. Highly performance-driven, yet impressively economical, the FP Due is still dripping with Italian panache -- the joyful answer to cravings usually eclipsed by more urgent financial obligations of adulthood. The first thing to discuss in regard to Pinarello's bikes is the frame, and the complete set of molded tubes is smart on its own. It's a demonstration of how Pinarello forges ahead with the cutting edge and then introduces the breakthroughs to the rest of their line. In naming conventions, this is the successor to the FP2, but in terms of performance, this owes not only to the FP, but also to the now-absent Pinarello Prince. The frame is molded from plies of 24HM12K carbon-fiber. It's a 24-ton, high-modulus cloth with the 12K finish wrap, but unlike the older FP2 and closer to the Prince, the Due is asymmetric in the stays and the fork. These asymmetries better fight the single-sided torque of driving the bike from the right side. Both the stays and the fork employ Pinarello's Onda design, also known as waves, to add comfort to the ride. The steerer tube is tapered with a more-dramatic flare for greater lateral stiffness, starting at 1-1/8 inches at the upper bearing and expanding to 1.5 inches at the lower. So you get comfort where you need it and stiffness where it helps with the ride and steering stability. The geometry is racy without being a backbreaker. You'll see a slightly relaxed seat tube angle and slightly taller head tube relative to Pinarello's ProTour-level Dogma2. Pro racing bikes aren't always the most comfortable, and those of you who want a bike that's a little more comfortable will find this geometry perfect. - $2,199.00