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Pheasant Hunters Save Deer Locked At Antlers
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"i would of shot it " - Tom Jimkowski. That's because you are a punk with no respect. You will never amount to anything in life with that attitude.
it's nice to see them save a life
amazing video. People this video shows that hunters have respect for nature. Tom your a dick haha but on the other hand putting it down probably would have been the right thing to do because it was hurt. I would give it a few days at most to live with a leg injury like that.
Awesome hunter Ethics
i would of shot it
the other deer that was dead was eatten alive by coyotes`s not always about the hunt the kill sometimes hunters do good things to help animals. Yes that deer they set free will most likely get takin by a hunter someday but could you imagine how many deer would be out there if hunters didnt hunt.Most hunters dont hunt for fun they hunt for food. So many deer get hit by cars every yr . Most times the driver of the car is killed or badly hurt. I have seen this first hand. Its also a fact that if there is to many deer in one area many deer will starve to death .We need controlled hunt to help keep the deers in numbers.
the deer was later shot hahaha jk xD
Thats really cool
When bucks fight, sometimes one gets it's neck broken. This happens after the two engage in a fight and get their horns locked. They are unable, on their own to get unstuck. The one died as a result of the fight and the other had been dragging it around. The one that is dead had been eaten some by coyotes which makes you wonder how they didn't kill the one alive because he couldn't get away. This is nature folks. Gabriel, go elsewhere with your spiteful comments.
Nice job you could have just took the easy shot but you did something great Thanks... Deb
deer are meant to be eaten! coyotes prob attached the pair while the were hooked up,, The men did the right thing!
Good job guys.
This is the 3rd or 4th video like this I've seen THIS year now...pretty wild event
Tammy it was killed by coyotes and the hunters in this video are hunting pheasant
I was wondering if they shot the other deer that is dead or if it was hit by a vehicle or what
Save to be killed by humans art another time!