Phase Five The Colt Wakesurfer Wood 58" - $516.95

The Colt is another one of our thruster-finned skim/surf hybrid boards. It was introduced last year, and had a very successful debut. The Colt is the same size as the Model X, but with a completely different approach to its design, offering an entirely different ride. There is less width under the front foot, resulting in a more pulled in, narrow nose design and has a squash shaped tail, giving the rider lots of drive and control from carving and executing turns. It's 1in thick buoyant core offers tons of float so it is easy to stay in the wave. The Colt is completely hand made, just like the rest of the P5 line. The one thing that really sets the Colt apart from our other boards is it's wood-grain finished deck for a super classy look. For 2013, the Colt now comes equipped with our brand new 2013 Performance traction setup, offering more control and beneficial features than ever!Key Features of the Phase Five The Colt Wakesurfer: 58" x 21.5" Dimensions 1" Thick 5'7in - 6'5in Ht. Range 250 Lbs. Build Material E-Glass Fin Setup Thruster (3 fins) Traction 2013 Performance Pads - $516.95