Phase Five Danielo Diamond Wakesurfer Yellow 54" - $665.00

After the Diamond’s initial debut at the Surf Expo last year, it became an instant hit. Compared to Drew’s original shape, the Diamond has a slightly noticable wider nose to mid-section that flows down to its most obvious feature – the diamond tail. This translates into a faster setup that is easier to hang in the sweet spot on small to mid sized waves. Brand new for 2013, the Diamond comes equipped with our hiPerformance™ traction setup. We’ve scratched the old pads and created an entirely new set of grip that preforms unlike anything else out there. Click here for more info on the new hiPerformance™ pad set. “After riding the board for a full year I am blown away by the speed and quick response of the board when riding it. Being able to ride more weight on the back foot makes it feel more like traditional surfing. “ -Drew Danielo, 6x WWSC ChampionKey Features of the Phase Five Danielo Diamond Wakesurfer: Small 51" × 20" Dimensions ¾" Thick 5’1″ – 5’11″ Ht. Range 165 Lbs. Large 54" × 20.5" Dimensions ¾" Thick 5’4″ – 6’2″ Ht. Range 200 Lbs. X-Large 58" × 21" Dimensions 1" Thick 5’7″ – 6’5″ Ht. Range 250 Lbs. Build Material Carbon Fiber Fin Setup Single Fin Traction 2013 Performance Pads - $665.00