Petzl Laser Ice Screw - $53.95

Free Shipping. Petzl Laser Ice Screw DECENT FEATURES of the Petzl Laser Ice Screw Aggressive teeth cut quickly into the hardest ice for easy hole starts Finely polished threads and surface for smooth installation/removal High pull-out resistance Dual clip-in points on hanger hole Reverse taper for reduced friction and rapid placements The SPECS Material(s): Stainless steel Case Quantity: 10 Certification(s): CE, UIAA (except for the 10 cm length) The SPECS for 10 cm Weight: 128 g Length: 10 cm The SPECS for 13 cm Weight: 146 g Length: 13 cm The SPECS for 17 cm Weight: 164 g Length: 17 cm The SPECS for 21 cm Weight: 184 g Length: 21 cm ALL CLIMBING SALES ARE FINAL. - $53.95