Petzl Kids' Ouistiti Full Body Harness - $41.21

The Petzl Kids' Ouistiti Full Body Harness is a full body harness for kids ages 4 to 9 years old, weighing 66 pounds or less. Since little kiddos don't have much of a hip for a sit harness to hold onto properly, the safer option for them is a full body harness. The harness Features two DoubleBack buckles, adjustable only at the back, so tiny fingers can't loosen them and compromise their own safety. Sorry little one, you're trapped until you're released by an adult. The fun, colorful webbing on the outside isn't just for a smile on their face, it lets them and the pArent know the proper way of putting it on, black inside, colors out! Features of the Petzl Kids' Ouistiti Full Body Harness For children from 4 to 9 years old weighing under 30 kg Two DoubleBack buckles adjust in the back of the harness to keep them out of reach of the young weArer Bicolor webbing (black inside, colored outside) facilitates donning One-size-Fits-all Reusable zippered sacks allow customers to try on harness while assuring a neat in-store display - $41.21