Petzl Fixo Duo LED 14 Headlamp - $144.95

On Sale. Free Shipping. Petzl Fixo Duo LED 14 Headlamp DECENT FEATURES of the Petzl Fixo Duo LED 14 Headlamp Rugged headlamp Durable construction Waterproof down to -5 meters Two powerful light sources to choose from, depending on the activity Halogen light for long-range, focused lighting Fourteen LEDs for flood beam proximity lighting, with three lighting modes (maximum, optimum, economic) Constant level of proximity lighting with a long burn time Fourteen regulated LEDs for a constant level of lighting until the batteries are almost discharged Automatically switches to reserve power mode when batteries are almost discharged Easy to use: On/off switch can be locked to prevent accident al operation Light body can be tilted Simple and easy to install Adapter plate included Drilling template for the ECRIN and VERTEX included Space for spare halogen bulb in the light body of the headlamp The SPECS Certification: CE Beam Pattern: Wide or focused Light Quantity: 67 lumens Lighting Distance: Halogen: t = 0: 100 m, t = 0 h 30: 70 m, LEDs: Maximum Mode: t = 0, t = 0 h 30: 34 m -> 3h30, t = 10 h: 9 m, LEDs: Optimum Mode: t = 0, t = 0 h 30, t = 10 h, t = 30 h: 15 m -> 63 h Battery Life: Halogen: 4 h, LEDs: Maximum Mode: 183h30, LEDs: Optimum Mode: 148 h, LEDs: Economic Mode: 110 h Water Tightness: IP X8 (waterproof down to -5 meters) Spare halogen bulb included Operates on four AA / LR6 batteries or ACCU DUO (not included) Weight: 180 g without batteries - $144.95