Petzl Fin'Anneau 8mm Dyneema Sling - $11.21

The Fin'anneau 8mm Dyneema sling by Petzl is the lightest and most compact of all their slings. Constructed with Dyneema/Nylon webbing to cut down on weight without sacrificing strength. This sewn runner is super strong and durable sling is intended for setting up anchors for belays or equalizing gear placements. These slings Are made to be incredibly abrasion resistant and compact. Other Uses include wearing this sling as a headband while doing back flips pretending to be a ninja. Features of the Petzl Fin'Anneau 8mm Dyneema Sling Extremely lightweight and compact Very abrasion resistant Available in three color-coded sizes for easy identification: 60, 120 and 180 cm - $11.21