Petzl Core Rechargeable Battery - $19.93

With the Petzl Core rechargeable battery you can transform your Petzl Tikka 2- or Zipka 2-series headlamp into a rechargeable and customizable headlamp that lights up the night on all your adventures. Lithium-ion polymer 900 mAh battery can be recharged up to 300 times, making the battery life equivalent to that of more than 900 AAA alkaline batteries. Standard USB connection allows the Core battery to be recharged from any USB charger, such as a computer, a solar panel or a portable energy source (all sold separately). Can also be recharged from a cell phone charger, a car's 12-volt socket or a wall outlet with appropriate adapters (adapters sold separately). Download OS by Petzl software to modify functionality of your headlamp; select regulated or unregulated output and adjust settings to affect battery life and light intensity. OS by Petzl software is available for download from Petzl at Battery charge indicator LEDs show how much battery life is left while light is in use; LEDs also show the status of the battery while charging. Battery recharges in about 3 hrs. Core battery installs easily into headlamps in Petzl Tikka 2 or Zipka 2 line; compatible with Tikkina 2, Tikka 2, Zipka 2, Tikka Plus 2, Zipka Plus 2 and Tikka XP 2 headlamps. All adapters sold separately; package includes Core rechargeable battery and a 30cm USB micro B cable. - $19.93