Petzl Calidris Climbing Harness - $89.96

The Petzl Calidris Climbing Harness is a comfortable harness for big wall Climbing and equipping routes. The wide waist belt and leg loops stand out when the harness first comes into view, while on the inside FRAME construction Features webbing that helps spread out your weight over the large surface Area. Perforated foam padding along with breathable mesh vent and cushion as you work hard at the mass amount of rock above. Two double back buckles at the waist and one at each leg loop make adjustments quick and simple, regardless of whether you're sporting shorts on a hot summer day or layered up for a cold weather climb. Plenty of gear loops and CARITOOL tool holder slots give you space to rack your gear just the way you like it. Features of the Petzl Calidris Climbing Harness FRAME Construction Technology Bias webbing transfers load and distributes pressure over entire surface Area of the waistbelt and leg loops Flat webbing reinforcement in waistbelt and leg loops offers increased comfort when hanging Ergonomically-shaped leg loops and waistbelt Breathable mesh exterior, closed cell perforated foam padding, and polyester 3D wicking mesh provide maximum ventilation, optimal relationship between dimension, weight and comfort Double Back buckles on leg loops allow size to be easily adjusted When wearing different thicknesses of clothing, suiting the climber's indiviDual body shape While hanging for greater comfort (loosening the leg loops increases the rise, increasing the load on the waistbelt) Two Double Back buckles allow waistbelt to be adjusted and secured in a single movement Dual waist buckles allow tie-in point to be centered and equalize the equipment loops on each side Two sizes cover wide range of head shapes and sizes Multiple options in the front and back for organizing and carrying gear Four equipment loops Wide trail line loop Two Caritool tool holder retainer on sides Green belay loop is easily identifiable for connecting a descender/belay device Reinforced tie-in points for increased durability in this High-wear Area Detachable back elastic leg loop straps - $89.96