Petzl Aztar Ice Tool - $219.95

Free Shipping. Petzl Aztar Ice Tool FEATURES of the Aztar Ice Tool by Petzl Comfortable to use, even leashless, due to the hand rest High performance swing due minimal weight at rotation point (minimized shaft weight) Efficient placements: thin, forged, finely worked pick for hard ice; steeply angled first tooth for thin ice and hooking Curved upper shaft for ease of placement and hooking Works well in piolet-canne usage: the hand rest can be removed and stored in the shaft (via a screw on the side) so as not to interfere when plunging the tool in snow Adze (U10 P) or hammer (U10 M) versions available SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 500 g Height: 50 cm BLUEICE pick included (type B) Interchangeable pick Type B shaft The hand rest can removed with a screwdriver or coin and stored in shaft 3-year guarantee ALL CLIMBING SALES ARE FINAL. - $219.95