Petsafe Indoor Radio Fence - $34.99

With the Indoor Radio Fence , you never have to worry about your pets sneaking into forbidden places in your home. The Radio Fence transmitter emits a mild, harmless correction to a receiver collar on your pet whenever it enters the signal area. The correction continues until the dog leaves the room or area where you've established the invisible barrier. You can set the range of the transmitter anywhere from a 2-foot to 10-foot radius to limit your pet's access to a room or areas of your home. The transmitter plugs into the wall, measures 9" diameter x 2" tall and can control multiple collars if you have more than one dog. And with extra transmitters, you can keep your dog out of other areas of your home. This system is not recommended for use on dogs under 8 pounds. Receiver collar sold separately.Available: Transmitter Only. - $34.99