Perception Prodigy 13.5 Kayak - $704.59

Designed specifically to take along a child or 4-legged friend, the Perception Prodigy 13.5 kayak lets you share the fun of paddling with stability and comfort. Extremely stable and easy to paddle, the Perception Prodigy 13.5 is suited to calm, open waters such as ponds, lakes and inlets. Rigid polyethylene hull withstands years of use without need for maintenance. Skid plate on the bottom of the hull increases durability and prolongs life of kayak. Large cockpit features a pilot's seat and a kid's seat; kid's seat is slightly elevated to allow for a view and adjusts to enhance comfort. Kid's seat is completely removable should you need the room for camping gear or a furry friend. The Prodigy 13.5 allows easy conversion to a solo configuration and also works well for large, individual paddlers. Zone DLX seat features a foam-encased pocket that cradles the lower back. Seat adjusts forward and backward, up and down, and leg lifters offer additional support if needed. Backrest may be raised by pulling strap in front of seat forward or by pushing the button on front of seat to lower. Padded area along the interior combing increases comfort for your legs, and adjustable leg support reduces ankle pressure. Bulkheaded stern hatch offers dry storage for day-tripping items. Bungee paddle holder frees up hands for nature watching, photography and fishing. The Perception Prodigy 13.5 kayak features adjustable footbraces and ergonomic carry toggles. - $704.59