Perception Essence 17.0 Airalite Kayak with Skeg - $1,799.00

Get set up for that long-distance trip you've been dreaming about in the Perception Essence 17.0 Airalite kayak with skeg, and enjoy the smooth, easy-to-paddle design. Airalite is a thermoformed material ABS and acrylic material, stiff and light like traditional composites and with similar looks, but with a price closer to polyethylene. It consists of high-impact acrylic layered over durable ABS plastic; it's the same type of material used in whirlpools, spas and some marine parts. Airalite also features adhesives that enhance the flexibility of the material and boost its resistance to UV light. Touring-style hull offers excellent versatility, which is great for those seeking a boat for everything from open water to local lakes. Geared towards larger paddlers, the 17 ft. length offers an increase in capacity and speed over the smaller 16.5 ft. model. Soft-chined hull allows edging with confidence and a balance of turning, tracking and stability. The cockpit of the Perception Essence 17.0 is designed to accommodate larger paddlers. Defined coaming readily accepts a spray skirt. Preventing lower-back pain and posterior numbness, the cushy expedition seat offers comfort for hours on the water. Adjust the back strap of the seat using 1 large webbing strap with ladderlock; adjust height using 3 smaller webbing straps. Padded foam thighbraces may be repositioned to personalize cockpit for performance on comfort; leg lifter straps shore up space on side of seat to enhance support. Slidelock footbraces are easy to adjust from inside the boat; simply raise the black plastic rod to unlock and slide footbrace into desired position. Fully bulkheaded bow, stern and day hatches provide generous dry cargo storage for extended voyages; the Essence 17.0 features a cargo capacity of 350 lbs. 8 in. - $1,799.00