Perception Essence 16.5 Kayak with Skeg - $1,231.93

The Essence 16.5 kayak from Perception is built to perform on the ocean with a design that provides a blend of speed and stability. Touring style hull offers excellent versatility; great for those seeking a boat for everything from open water to local lakes. Cockpit is snug and precise fitting, providing positive fit for aggressive edging and rolls without being uncomfortable for casual touring. Rigid polyethylene hull withstands years of use without the need for maintenance. Liquicell seat technology focuses on the elimination of low-back pain caused by sitting in one position over long periods. Adjustable footbraces and padded foam thighbraces customize cockpit for maximum performance and comfort. Fully bulkheaded bow, stern and day hatches provide generous dry cargo storage for extended voyages. Cockpit-deployable skeg enhances tracking in rougher water and windy conditions. Perimeter deck lines for increased safety and easy re-entry into kayak. Deck rigging on bow and stern lets you stash items you want to have readily available. Ergonomic carry handles at bow and stern make trips to and from the water a cinch. - $1,231.93