Puma Stag Folding Knives - $109.88

People who know cutlery will only settle for true German craftsmanship in the knives they purchase. And with their artisan-quality construction, Puma knives have earned the reputation as some of the best Germany has to offer. Each blade in this series is crafted from a 1" bar of high-quality D1.4 cutlery steel and hot drop forged to precise tolerances. And to ensure a superior edge, they are then hand-ground 22 times, creating a superior cutting instrument. Each knife also boasts handles made from genuine stag antlers for superior grip and a classic look. Available: Earl - Closed length: 3-3/4", 2-3/4" blade Duke - Closed length: 4-1/4", 3-3/16" blade Prince - Closed length: 4-7/8", 3-1/2" blade - $109.88