Pelican Lures Casting Spoons - PIKE - $3.88

The realistic look and natural action of Pelican Lures Natural Series Spoons offers a unique look to a classic bait. Incredibly realistic 3-D images that replicate baitfish are painted on both sides using heat-imaging technology. Ideal for freshwater predator fish. A powder-coated finish makes them virtually indestructible. Super-strong Eagle Claw treble hooks. Per each. Made in USA.Sizes: 3/4 oz., 3/8 oz., 5/8 oz., 2 oz. Colors: (001)Pike, (002)Rainbow Trout, (003)Perch, (004)Walleye, (006)Crappie, (007)Gizzard Shad, (008)Herring, (009)Pumpkin Seed, (010)Alewife, (011)10 of Diamonds, (012)Flag, (013)Red Breast, (014)Shimmer Pink /White. Type: Casting & Trolling Spoons. Weight 5/8 Oz. Color Pike. - $3.88