Pedersoli Richmond 1862 Type III .58-Caliber Musket - $749.99

A functional replica of one of the most popular firearms used by the Confederacy during the Civil War. The originals were made using equipment captured by the South at Harpers Ferry and transferred to Richmond. Because the equipment was set up to make the U.S. Springfield Model 1855 rifled musket, the .58-caliber Richmond rifle was patterned after that firearm but without the troublesome Maynard tape ignition system. Except for the locks profile, the brass buttplate and the stocks nose cap, the gun is very similar in appearance to the US Model 1862 rifled musket widely used by Northern troops. The barrel has three-grove rifling with a 1-in-78 rate of twist. Barrel length: 39-3/4. Overall length: 55-15/16. Type: Muskets. - $749.99