Pedersoli Goodwin Long-Range Sight - $179.88

Popular for a wide adjustment range, precise adjustment increments and flag-style configuration, this Universal Creedmore Sight will enhance your long-range accuracy. The sight's cylindrical vertical staff is off to one side of the barrel's axis a sight style that was popular with top shooters in the 1800s. This design makes wider windage adjustments possible by offering a full 1.26" range of movement. It also allows 3.94" of vertical adjustment. Another advantage to this kind of sight design is that it lets shooters perform routine cleanings, access the breech and inspect the barrel without having to remove the sight. A special tilt screw on the base permits shooters to position the main sight staff in a perfect vertical position when holding at any angle of elevation. The ability of this sight to adjust in so many ways is sure to increase your long-range shooting enjoyment. Type: Sights. Type: Sights. - $179.88