Pedersoli Enfield Musketoon P1861 .58 Caliber Short Rifle - $649.88

This fully functional black-powder firearm is a replica of Enfields short rifle made from 1861 to 1865. It improved upon earlier, longer Enfield firearms made in the 1850s by increasing the barrels rifling grooves to five and tightening the rate of twist to 1-in-48. This made the gun more accurate than earlier-made longer Enfields in spite of its smaller size. When combined with .577-caliber Minie ball ammunition, it was a devastating battlefield weapon. It also addressed the need for artillery and cavalry units to have shorter, more maneuverable firearms. The 24 barrel is fitted to the walnut stock with two steel bands. Its outfitted with a straight, ladder-style rear sight with a slider. Apart from the bands, all other garnitures on this firearm are made of brass. The ramrod tip is shaped with a characteristic jag slot and there is a hook with a ring in front of the trigger guard. Barrel length: 24.Overall length: 40-1/2. Type: Muskets. Cal/Gaug Enfield Musketoon. - $649.88