Pedersoli Enfield Three-Band P1853 .58 Caliber Rifle Musket - Walnut - $749.99

An accurately replicated and fully functional version of one of the finest military firearms of its time. The Enfield Pattern 1853 Rifled Musket was the result of several studies conducted by the British War Department with an emphasis on improving the caliber and size of its main infantry battle weapon. While similar to its predecessor, the Pattern 1851, in appearance, it offered a number of refinements. The gun shot a .577-caliber Minie ball, greatly enhancing its range and accuracy. It was also fitted with a ladder-type rear sight with a slider for adjustments. Three steel bands secure the 39 blued barrel to the walnut stock. All other accents are brass and complement the case-hardened lock. Ramrod tip is shaped with a characteristic jag slot. Rate of twist on the rifling is 1-in-78. Barrel length: 39. Overall length: 55. Color: Walnut. - $749.99