Pedersoli Enfield Two-Band P1858 .58 Caliber Short Rifle Musket - Walnut - $729.99

A fully functional replica of one of the best combat rifles of the late 1850s. The need for military units other than infantry to have a more compact firearm started and resulted from the British making a shortened version of the Enfield Pattern 1853 rifled musket, but that proved ineffective. Refinements to the design were made and the Pattern 1858 Short Rifle was born. The 33 barrel is secured to the walnut stock by two steel bands. It fires .577-caliber Minie balls and has five-groove rifling with a 1-in-48 rate of twist. Apart from the bands, all garnitures are made of brass. The ramrod tip is shaped with a characteristic jag slot. Barrel length: 33. Overall length: 49. Color: Walnut. - $729.99