Pedersoli 1861 Springfield .58-Caliber Musket - Brown - $1,149.99

An upgraded version of Springfields Model 1855 without the Maynard tape priming system, the .58-caliber Springfield 1861 rifled musket set the standards for performance, reliability and accuracy that similar firearms had to meet. Demand for the gun was so high that it overwhelmed Springfield Armorys production capabilities and the company had to contract work out to at least 20 other manufacturers. More than 700,000 were made between 1861 and 1865, and production continued until 1872 with the total number manufactured estimated at 1,000,000. The gun fired the deadly .58-caliber Minie ball projectile. But the power of the 1861 Springfield rifle musket, combined with the performance and aerodynamic shape of the Minie ball, enabled skilled marksmen to engage targets out to 1,000 yds. Union troops that trained with the gun had a goal of being able to consistently hit targets inside 500 yds. and fire three shots per minute. By late 1863, most of the Norths regular army units were supplied, at least in part, with the firearm. Obtaining arms was a challenge for the South throughout the war, and 1861 Springfields captured in battle were quickly pressed into service by the Confederacy. The 1861 Springfield rifle musket was extremely popular with troops. It was durable, easy to maintain and stood up to harsh battle conditions well. Pedersolis fully functional replica of the 1861 Springfield rifled musket has features that are true to the original design. It has period-accurate factory markings, a 40 barrel with satin finish, a handsome hardwood stock with three bands and coin-finish-color steel furniture. The lock is finished bright with U.S. SPRINGFIELD stampings. Barrel length: 40. Overall length: 55-15/16. Weight: 10 lbs. - $1,149.99