Pearl Izumi Sugar Knickers - Women's - $74.95

Pearl Izumi's Sugar Knickers were made to be worn on those cool weather days when shorts just don't provide quite enough coverage. Their 6-panel anatomic construction and smooth waist wrap provide the ultimate in comfort and support for all of those chillier riding days ahead. For a non-pinching interface, Pearl Izumi gave the Sugar Knickers with a wide and comfortable waistband, similar to those found in yoga pants. This, in conjunction with Izumi's stretchy SELECT Transfer Dry fabric, allows you to freely move in and out of the saddle without experiencing any pinching, chafing, or bunching. However, that's far from the extent of this fabrics technical ability. In fact, SELECT's fiber weight and knit have been developed as to provide a compressive characteristic that supports the leg muscles in order to reduce the fatigue-inducing effects of road vibration and oscillation. Additionally, Izumi designed the fabric to effectively pull moisture away from your skin, transporting it to the quick-drying surface for evaporation. And if you hadn't guessed it, the aforementioned is where the material gets its 'Transfer' name. As a result of this process, you stay cool and comfortable when the conditions start to heat up. For both further comfort and long ride support, Pearl also equipped the Sugar Knickers with its Women's Tour 3D Chamois. With its varying shape and density, this insert complements the anatomic design of the knickers. As a result, the chamois provides support where it's needed, not where it isn't. Accordingly, motion-induced abrasion is eliminated, as well as any chafing that's derivative of fabric bunching or folding. And in addition to the heightened support, Izumi incorporated its Transfer fabric at the surface of the Tour 3D. Like with the knickers, Transfer wicks away moisture, keeping your ride as comfortable as possible. - $74.95