Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool Women's Tri Suit - $144.95

An effective triathlon suit needs to both move with you and adapt to the varying demands of each distinct discipline. However, swimming, cycling, and running, when isolated unto themselves, require specific apparel and features that keep you comfortable and protected. As a result, most manufacturers fail at producing a single product that performs well in all three sports. Not so for Pearl Izumi. In fact, its new Elite In-R-Cool Women's Tri Suit was designed exactly with this in mind. The body panels used to construct the Elite-R-Cool Tri Suit are made from Pearl Izumi's ELITE Transfer In-R-Cool fabric. This is a lightweight and super elastic material that incorporates what is known as Coldblack technology. If you're unfamiliar, this is a finishing treatment that reduces the absorption of heat rays in darker fabrics. The reflective properties work by reducing surface temperatures on the fabric by up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit in direct sunlight, while providing a UPF 50 level of protection. The benefits of incorporating this fabric include an increased level of body temperature regulation through moisture management. By effectively moving moisture from the skin to the material's surface, where it quickly evaporates, your body stays dry and cool throughout the duration of your two ground legs. In terms of fit, the conforming race-ti of the suit was accomplished through the pairing of Pearl Izumi's ELITE Transfer In-R-Cool material with its ELITE Transfer Aero fabric. And in addition to the temperature regulating characteristics found in the In-R-Cool material, this fabric also incorporates Lycra Sport for its highly compressive properties. Strategically placed ELITE Transfer Aero fabric panels further hold and support the body's muscles, while also providing you with increased aerodynamics. As with all of Pearl Izumi's inserts, the TRI quick-dry chamois included in the suit is constructed with variable density padding, and is contoured specifically for a woman's body. - $144.95