Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool Short - Men's - $109.95

Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool Shorts transform your mid-summer rides from unbearably hot to bearably hot by reflecting heat away from your skin instead of absorbing it. The main body fabric, Elite In-R-Cool with Coldblack technology, acts light a light-colored fabric. So, instead of drawing in the sun's heat and cooking you, it actually lowers your skin's temperature to reduce fatigue and improve your pedal performance. The shorts have been constructed from Pearl Izumi's Elite Transfer In-R-Cool, a fabric that wears three hats during warm weather rides. By this, we mean that it reflects heat, transfers moisture away from your body, and is exceptionally breathable. To beat the heat, Pearl treated the bulk of the fabric with an application called Coldblack. Essentially, Coldblack technology allows Black fabric to reflect the sun's radiant energy as if it were a light colored fabric. The differences between fabrics with Coldblack and those without Coldblack are staggering. Those with Coldblack reflect up to 80% of the sun's radiant energy, while those without it absorb up to 90%. Incidentally, it also blocks UV rays at a minimum of 30 UPF. And, though, a common skepticism of fabric technologies is that they'll lose their abilities through time and repeated washing, not so say the creators of Coldblack. In fact, they insist that it can't be washed out, and that it actually extends the life of the fabric by about 20%. The anatomic cut and wide elastic leg bands, that have been coupled with silicone grippers, hold the shorts in place firmly and comfortably. Accordingly, this created a platform worthy of Pearl Izumi's Elite 3D Chamois. This breathable four-way stretch chamois is built with Pearl Izumi's Pressure Relief Technology, which takes pressure off of sensitive nerves and blood vessels. As a result, this pre-shaped chamois provides enhanced blood-flow, vibration dampening, and comfort. - $109.95