Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool Men's Tri Shorts - $84.95

Stay cool during summer events with Pearl Izumi's Elite In-R-Cool Tri Shorts. Constructed from Izumi's Coldblack-treated Elite Transfer fabric, you'll experience temperature-regulating technologies that both reflect heat and block ultraviolet light. Unlike common dark textiles, which absorb heat, Coldblack treated fabrics have a UPF 50+ rating and actually reflect the sun's radiant energy. In fact, the makers of Coldblack claim that fabric surface temperatures are reduced by to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. So, this alone will aid in the avoidance of overheating during the ride and run stages of your race. However, Izumi's Transfer fabric, with In-R-Cool technology, also performs much of the aforementioned. This is due to the material's proprietary blend of nylon, elastane, and polyester. The resulting blend produces an outer-surface that's textured for breathability and that accelerates moisture transfer away from the skin. And by keeping your skin cool and dry, you'll experience both irritation free pedaling and running. Izumi also added extra ventilation in the form of it Direct-Vent side panels. Essentially, this material provides a superior airflow through the shorts, while also ensuring structural stability that's free from pinching. The fabric and structure of these shorts also provide a lightly compressive fit that maximizes muscle efficiency. And, in addition to this, the shorts' multi-panel design allows you to spin without constriction, maintain a consistent output of power. For further comfort, Izumi also included its TRI quick-dry chamois. This insert is constructed with variable density padding that's contoured for an anatomically correct fit. And while this chamois provides the necessary support for the cycling leg, it's so bulky that it'll interfere with either the run or swim legs. The insert, as touted by its name, is also quick drying for comfort post T1. - $84.95