Pautzke Nectar - Orange - $6.49

Supercharge your baits with this extraordinary fish-catching nectar. Its refined from the strained runoff captured during Pautzkes legendary Balls O Fire salmon egg-curing process. This 75-year-old secret family recipe produces legendary results in a wide variety of applications soaking, freezing, injecting, curing its a proven performer. Add it to roe, sardine and herring wraps, night crawlers, shrimp, crab pots and smelt. Its great for chumming, as an additive to homemade borax and sulfite cures, and for recharging previously preserved eggs. On the water, get the most out of your eggs and make them milk out better after repeated casts with a nectar application. You can also soak your braided lines in it for removing all traces of human scent and increased scent dispersal on crucial outings. Colors: Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple. Color: Orange. - $6.49