Patagonia R1 Full-Zip Fleece Jacket - Men's - $149.00

Outdoor enthusiasts and mountain athletes turn to the Patagonia Men's R1 Full-Zip Fleece Jacket to keep their cores warm and comfortable. This breathable, moisture-wicking jacket can be used underneath your shell for increased warmth on super-cold winter days or as a spring jacket on not-so-chilly days. The R1 Fleece'' 1/2s jersey microfiber face allows for smooth layering, and thanks to its high / low polyester grid interior, you can easily compress this quick-drying jacket into your backpack. Don'' 1/2t forget to recycle this killer fleece through Patagoni''A 1/2s Common Threads Recycling Program once it has seen years and years of abuse. - $149.00