Patagonia Buckshot Flannel Shirt - Long-Sleeve - Men's - $55.30

Patagonia calls the Buckshot Flannel Shirt a surfer's mainstay, but we wear this puppy all winter long, and there ain't no waves here in Utah, unless you consider the 500-plus inches of snow to be a liquid/plasma/perfection hybrid wave of sorts. We just call it powderand we call the Buckshot a supremely comfortable shirt for dominating the aprs scene, hitting the No Name Saloon for a burger (or a cougar, depending on the mood), and chilling by the fire. Patagonia's mid-weight organic cotton flannel is ultra soft, and the slim(ish, we're not all triathletes) fit looks great tucked in for dinner or left loose over some cords. - $55.30