Parker Stingray Open Sight Bowfishing Crossbow - $499.99

Parkers StingRay bowfishing crossbow is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater bowfishing. Compact and lightweight at 7.5 lbs., it goes where you go. The adjustable draw weight ranges from 100 to 125 lbs. to allow you to customize it to your bowfishing game. The machined-aluminum riser is paired with a ballistic-polymer barrel and equipped with a G2 Bull-Pup trigger that has little to no trigger travel. Safety features include an anti-dry-fire mechanism and an auto-engage safety, making this bowfishing crossbow great for excited, new-to-the-sport archer-anglers. The best part? No need for special tools to adjust the draw weight, especially while youre out on the water. The StingRay bowfishing crossbow comes ready to go with an open sight, an AMS Retriever Pro bowfishing reel, a bowfishing arrow and mounting hardware. The AMS Retriever Pro reel provides zero drag and excellent line control, and comes with 25 yds. of 200-lb., high-visibility, braided Dacron line and a built-in quiver. The bowfishing arrow is tipped with a Muzzy Gator Getter point.Speed: 150 fps (125-lb. draw weight); 135 fps (100-lb. draw weight).Power stroke: 10.5.Draw weight: 100-125 lbs.Length: 34.25.Width: 23.Weight with accessories: 7.5 lbs.Camo pattern: Fishouflage. - $499.99