Parker Concorde Crossbow Package - $1,249.99

With its patented Quick Draw System (QDS), Concorde is the worlds first automatic-cocking crossbow. QDS uses a CO2-powered internal cocking mechanism activated by a push button recessed in the rear of the stock. Press the button and the string is automatically drawn into a fully cocked position. Cocking takes only two seconds and is whisper-quiet. In addition, QDS easily decocks the crossbow with the same push of a button. CO2 is supplied by standard refillable 9-oz. CO2 cylinders (not included). One cylinder can operate QDS 30-40 times in temperatures around 60F. Concorde shoots bolts up to 300 fps. Axle-to-axle width at full draw is just 16-3/4, making it easy to maneuver in close quarters. The perfectly balanced stock has a checkered pistol grip, full comb, Soft Touch finish and is decked out in Next Camo G1 Vista. The G2 trigger is 100% metal, has an ambidextrous auto-engage safety and is outfitted with an anti-dry-fire system. Other features include a roller cable slide, tunable string suppressors, a machined-aluminum barrel and riser, and Red Hot synthetic string and cable. Backed by Parkers 100% lifetime warranty. Made in USA. Power stroke: 9.6.Draw weight: 175 lbs. Length: 34-1/2. Width: 18-3/4. Weight: 10 lbs. Camo pattern: Next Camo G1 Vista. Concorde Package includes: crossbow, 3X illuminated multireticle scope, four-arrow quiver and four arrows with field points. - $1,249.99