Parker Challenger Pink Crossbow Package - $359.88

Amazingly lightweight and compact, the Challenger is easy to shoulder and shoot. With an adjustable draw weight of 125 to 150 lbs, it shoots up to 300 fps when adjusted to the maximum draw weight. It can be customized to fit the hunter with no special tools and no bow press or additional parts are required. An auto-engaging ambidextrous safety and anti-dry-fire mechanism make this crossbow a safe choice. The vented forearm has a safety finger-flange for added safety, and an optimal balance point that keeps a steadier aim on the target for improved accuracy. Parkers EZ Pull System has been engineered into each crossbow, reducing the cocking effort by over 50%, when paired with the Red Hot EZ Roller rope cocker (not included). The 4X multireticle scope with multiple crosshairs comes mounted. The rubber-lined quiver holds four bolts with double grippers, and is designed to hold both fixed blades and expandable broadheads. It also has three mounting-position options and a trifecta lock quick-detach mechanism. Parker lifetime warranty. Made in USA. Speed: 300 fps. Power stroke: 10-1/4. Draw weight: 125-150 lbs. Length: 31-3/4. Width: 21-1/4. Weight: 5.5 lbs. Camo pattern: Pink G-1 Vista. Package includes: Crossbow, Four-bolt quick-detach quiver, four bolts with field points and one 4X multireticle scope. Color: Pink. Age Group: Kids. - $359.88