Park Tool Spoke Wrench for Shimano Wheel Systems - SW-14 - $12.00

When its time to adjust your Shimano wheels, reach for the Park Tool SW-14 Shimano Spoke Wrench. This two sided wrench features offset, low-profile heads, which give you plenty of clearance on hub-located or rim-located nipples. One end is 4.3mm, and the other is 4.4mm. Theyll fit the majority of Shimano wheels on the market (if your Shimano wheels have square-red nipples, youll need the Park Tool SW-3 to true them).Steel construction and precision manufacturing ensure positive purchase to avoid marring, or worse, stripping of soft aluminum nipples. A vinyl dipped handle provides excellent grip and comfort when working your way around the wheelnothings more frustrating than dropping a spoke wrench mid revolution. Park Tool stands behind their tools and offers a lifetime warranty on the Shimano Spoke Wrench - $12.00