Park Tool Shop Sprocket Remover / Chain Whip - SR-2.2 - $36.00

The ability to work on your own bike is what distinguishes the fanatic from the frenetic in cycling. The fanatic rides with the satisfaction that his bike is tuned perfectly by his own hands, while the frenetic punishes his bike and relies on a random mechanic to fix it. The Park Tool SR-2.2 Chainwhip is a staple for drivetrain service, and is a durable tool that'll last longer than your cassette.The Park Tool SR-2.2 Chainwhip works on seven through eleven cog cassettesthat's right, a tool that actually works on both Shimano and Campagnolo. The SR-2.2 is a heavy-duty tool. It features a heat-treated head with hardened bolts to hold the chain in place. For efficient torque, the SR-2.2 features a rounded, vinyl-coated 15-inch handle.The Park Tool SR-2.2 Chainwhip replaces the prior model, SR-2 Chainwhip. The chain is replaceable, and is only compatible on cassettes with 3/32 inch tooth size. - $36.00