Park Tool Professional Wheel Truing Stand - TS-2.2 - $234.95

The Park Tool TS-2.2 Professional Wheel Truing Stand is the one to choose for heavy shop use. Alternatively, if you do your own wheel work at home, this is the one you'll want if you appreciate high quality tools and settle for nothing less than the best.The TS-2.2 accepts wheels up to 29" with or without the tire removed. Both axle-holding uprights move simultaneously, always centering your wheel within the rim calipers, regardless of hub width. The calipers and caliper arm are spring-loaded to prevent jamming with badly out-of-true wheels. It will even accept a four inch wide rim, so if you have a Pugsly, you're in luck. The TS-2.2 also comes with composite caliper tip covers to protect your rims from scratches as you dial in the wheelbuild.The Park Tool TS-2.2 Truing Stand is made of heavy-duty, chrome plated steel with nylon bushings at all the pivot points. It can be bench-mounted or held in a vise.Removable / replaceable composite caliper tips protect your fancy rims from unsightly scratches Accepts hub widths up to 175mm and rim widths up to 4 inches so theres not much you cant straighten Spring-loaded calipers prevent binding Uprights move together to accommodate front and rear wheels Easily installed in a bench vice or mounted on a bench - $234.95