Park Tool Master Chain Tool - CT-4.2 - $48.00

The quotes from our daddies about "the right tool for the job" could go on all day. That said, we ignored their advice and learned all of our lessons the hard way. These days, we appreciate getting a job done with good tools to ensure high quality results. The Park CT-4.2 Master Chain Tool is one of those tools that, once in hand, becomes a favorite. The CT-4.2 is designed to work with all 8,9,10, and 11-speed chains with an "hourglass" side plate profile. This means that it can be used with nearly anything you can get your hands on, be it Campy, Shimano, SRAM, KMC, etc. The investment cast steel body will last a lifetime and the handles are ergonomically shaped to provide comfort. The rivet pin rotates in place so that installations are smooth and precise. The pin is also replaceable should it become worn or damaged. The Park CT-4.2 Master Chain Tool is not compatible with Wipperman chains due to their non-hourglass side plate shape. They simply will not fit into the tool.Fits Dura Ace 7900 asymmetrical chains Integrated Link Pocket for exact chain pin alignment Machined investment-cast body and components for reliability and durability Contoured cushioned handles prevents pinched digits Replaceable rotating pin NOT compatible with Wipperman chains - $48.00