Palisades Storm Surf Longboard - $79.99

Palisades Storm Surf Longboard - The Pallisade longboard storm surf was born and designed on the streets of Southern California, Palisades Longboards are creating a new era in longboard style and design. From Venice to Huntington, Trestles to Old Mans, Palisades longboards are inspired by the chill lifestyle of Southern California. Every Palisades longboard is made in America and features the dynamic artwork of local artists. The 2009 Summer line includes a range of decks designed by acclaimed surf artist Rick Rietveld depicting his interpretation of the iconic imagery of famous surf landmarks. Palisades decks are sold as completes and are built for riding. . Bearing Type: ABEC 5, Wheel Size: 60mm, Truck Width: 8.0in, Deck Width: 7.75in, Deck Length: 23.75in, Model Year: 2009, Product ID: 178024 - $79.99