Pacific Sun Motivational Art - $34.99

Wildlife Legends Art, the makers of these patriotic and nature-themed motivational prints, are donating a portion of the proceeds to Camp Patriot. This organization gives disabled U.S. military veterans the opportunity to experience outdoor adventures in the hopes of promoting positive, life-changing experiences. All prints feature breathtaking photographs combined with motivational titles and inspirational quotes. Prints include a wooden frame, glass and a hanger.Frame dimensions: 16H x 13W.Available:Choices/Yellow PuppiesConfrontation/DeerVision/DeerJourney/CowboyChallenge/BucksChallenge/TurkeyDreams/WhitetailLeadership-Lab/HunterFocus/WhitetailCourage/FiremanFriends/HorsesTeamwork/Lab/DecoyOpportunity/WhitetailChoices/Sunset Whitetail Type: Framed Prints. Design Choices-Yllw Puppies. - $34.99